"More will be revealed."

The Beauty and Love embraces all, (if we will allow it).

In a few days Venus, the Planet of Love and Beauty, will pass across the face of the Sun.  This may seem meaningless to many, but to me, it is a clear message that it is time to put away from our lives anything that is not beautiful and loving.  A tall order when taken literally, but it is an intention that has made masters of men and women through the ages.  From a practical standpoint there is much in our lives that could be made more beautiful through the act of letting go things.  A closet full of clothing barely worn anymore, clutter in the office, distasteful objects kept for mere sentiment.  I once had a  woefully ugly clock my mother-in-law gave me that I kept on the wall in case she made a rare visit.  Take a look around your home or work spaces.  Make some changes.  If you pay attention, these changes can effect the way you feel, and actually effect your very health.  No clutter, no headache or frustration around having no time to get things done.

So, let’s go a bit deeper.  What is going on in your inner world that is eating away at you?  Let it continue and sooner or later it will take on a physical form to take away your very health and well being.  The inner house cleaning of forgiveness and release is extremely important.  Get to the roots of your discontent.  It’s the foundations for resentment and angry thinking that will kill all your joy and peace.  I’ve worked with many clients who have harbored bitterness for decades and who have been courageous enough to get to the bottom of the pain, and completely repair their health as a result.  It can be a long process with ups and downs and it can be completely transforming.  It’s absolutely worth the effort.  

So what about the day to day effects of impatience and anxiety?  How is the stress of modern or post modern life working in your existence?  Are you hating your job, and the people you work with, but chained to the paycheck every week?  Go to your mirror and ask yourself, “How will my face appear in five years if I continue as things are today?”.  The answer might have you looking for a new position somewhere else, instead of engaging in the usual distractions that help you keep the status quo.  Life is to be lived.  Too many people have given over the joy and adventure in life for expensive gadgets.  An example on the street yesterday: Two lovely young women walking, one in front of the other, both texting like mad with heads thrown forward and bodies slouched into the compression normally seen in people three times their age.  Some of the technological advances are not doing our bodies much good.  I could expound on this, but will press on. Suffice it to say, there are many changes each one of us can undertake to create more beauty and love in our lives. And we need to do it sooner rather than later. So, while you are going about your lives this coming week, I invite you to consider the possibilities and the wonder available to us each and every day. Image Make a decision to embrace what is good and bright!   

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