"More will be revealed."

Why blog?? Because it’s Here!

So, you sign up to blog and wordpress is very helpful in making you a “better blogger”, giving some helpful advice about a focus and reason and all that.  I am blogging because I can and finding a specific focus has been the task of my life.  I have a HUGE range of interests and like many others, lots of strong opinions about the state of the world.  Sometimes I am grouchy about it, so I try not to write when I am ranting, but you might see a rant or two….or three.  And if I were to decide on a focus it would have to be “how to make the world a better place” and yet I don’t have all the answers and even though I’m arrogant as hell on a good day, I’m not in a position to tell anyone how they should do it, although I will make directives and suggestions like a mad woman.  You can take it or leave it, right?  So, if you agree, that’s really great and if you don’t, well, se la vie!

Here we go!   Blog on!

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