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Politics and Personal Peace

Oh, My!  What dread runs through my veins with the bits of news I see today!

Before I continue I would like to share that my family was predominately Republican, but with common sense in the overall scheme of the day.  I tend to run middle of the road most times, but for the last 20 years lean heavily toward the seeming unelectable Green Party.  I’m for the Planet.  Maybe I’m a Planetarian.  We need a new party, so there’s my idea.

Regarding the news of Paul Ryan, I must say my skin is crawling.  He would benefit from a bitch slap and a few days in the hot sun with no food or water.

In light of using Ayn Rand as a model to aspire to, I loved her writing because it helped me see another side of the human condition, and yet one could not help seeing she was a cold and bitter shrew with a wound to her heart as large as her vocabulary. Her stoic and unemotional face tells me she worked hard at creating an unfeeling male version of herself in order to be accepted and validated.  She suffered and her bitterness bled through in her writing.  I can relate to her, but can’t see her as heroic.  This is my opinion of course, an uneducated one, if you discount the half century I’ve spent studying human behavior.  I can see myself having a drink with her, and engaging her in lively debate but no way could I applaud her cold heart or philosophy.  Anyone who claims her as an icon to aspire to is suspect, in my view.

But this is NOW, and the Paul Ryans and Ayn Rands are  dead dinosaurs still walking about.  The fact that Romney and Ryan have so much money behind them tells me the Koch’s and friends are feeling pretty desperate to top of this age with as much profit as they can before the game is over.  And the only way they will LOSE the game is if we are more clever than their money.  We are charged with changing our own individual lives to the degree that we make their philosophies and their products obsolete.  My question for you, my “fellow Americans”, is what are you doing in your life TODAY that lends power to the New Vision for the world?  This is a WE time…yes, it IS about the “individuals” and the “collective”.  Individuals CREATE the collective, and the fact that all our groovy ways have bounded our population beyond what the Earth can sustain, it’s time to recognize our collective addictions and sober up!    WE have to stop trying to sustain the old ways of fossil fuels and convenience.  WE must create the new way of cooperation, symbiosis, and engage in behaviors that heal the very ground we are sprung from. We cannot wait for “the government” to sort this out for us.  They have ridden on our backs for long enough!  Take back your power and heal your own earth…your body, your mind, your soul…and work at creating an environment you would offer a new born baby, and the next 7 generations.  THIS is our legacy!  Not fiscal conservation.  Not aspiring to be another John Galt, or an unfeeling psychopathic Ayn Rand.

So, for today, and tomorrow, I will leave my vehicle parked in the drive way.  I will eat the local food and what I have gleaned from the week behind me.  I will sweat and move my body through the day, relishing what is wonderful about the land, the water, and the air I breathe. I will conserve in the true spirit of the word and  I will call to the next generation and assure them I am holding the vision of a healing Earth. When it is time, I will step out of my old worldly suit for the realm beyond the veil, and hope my body will help grow some nice tomatoes.  My grand daughter will not have to ask me what I did to transcend the woes of the world.  She will feel it in her body, and know it in her soul.  

2 responses

  1. Franco Well

    You wrote: Maybe I’m a Planetarian. We need a new party, so there’s my idea.

    Based on that, I think you might enjoy this book, which is all about the formation of a planet ceneterd new party. I read it on a train trip to and from Pennsylvania earlier this year. It’s an easy read.


    August 11, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    • Thank you, Franco! This is confirmation that there truly are many other people dreaming a healed world into being. I appreciate your contribution.

      August 12, 2012 at 5:00 PM

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