"More will be revealed."

Day time reality……and aimless mind….with tea.

The chickens are fed and the water is set, now with tea steeping at my side, I’ll begin another day.  Dreams are still fluttering around in my head, but I’ll shake them off soon enough.  Nightmares I can handle. It’s the day time reality that has me frazzled.  Climate change and the fact that we can do something about it.  The clouds are changing again, and the heat, the heat, the heat is beating down on my bare shoulders, driving me to shade again and again.

Yesterday I left my car parked all day, despite needing a few things. I can need them awhile longer.  I limit the use of the swamp cooler so I can tolerate being inside.  Sweating is good, I tell myself, but wilting isn’t getting much done in the afternoons.  I plod along, my feet and ankles adjusting to the sprains of July…both ankles, different days….going too fast to get something finished or turned off.  Conserve.  Slow down, I tell myself, but too late.  My feet feel new in a bruised sort of way.  New and bruised.

Today is my daughter’s day off.  I’m planning for her to be here, but haven’t heard confirmation.  Mind searches for a dinner plan.  Something nutritious and good for the growing baby waiting to develop and be born into this legacy of heat, and change.  Let it be a sturdy child, adept, and creative, and determined.  A little hope starts to spring up, an acknowledgement that there are many humans focussed on being the change they wish to see.  Giving birth to a new species of human is hard work. Communication is key.

We have two phone systems here.  My husband and I each have a cell phone, and limited understanding of all the bells and whistles of the antiquated “Beam me up, Scotty!” flip style phone that was once used by another family member,who has upgraded countless times since.  And we have the land line, which is generally the most useful as it has the best reception and reliability.  Until recently.  The battery began dying some time ago.  It requires a rather “expensive” battery.  And for the sake of time, Image

I will spare you the details of why the battery hasn’t quite made it all the way to the phone.

So, this is a tale of how modern technology doesn’t always make your life easier, and has a price that is often too high.  My husband says he is unwilling to keep paying for both phone systems.  A reasonable request.  I say I need the landline and internet, as I am home most often.  I am willing to give up the space age phone.  He needs the space age phone because he is gone more than me, either working or playing out in the big world.  For a long while we keep on paying for both and adjusting, until we address it again.  This time, dear husband calls the cell phone company and reduces the service to bare minimum and I begin paying husband for my cell phone to lift his burden.  I tried going without it all together, but it’s the family plan on it that makes it possible to have conversations with my husband and daughter and nieces that keep me hooked into it.  (What if we all lived in the same area and could walk to talk to each other?)  That would save about $1200 dollars a year.  Pay your family the money you save from not having a damn cell phone.  Hmmm.  Maybe I’m on to something.

The cell phones have crappy reception.  “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!” is a frequent refrain around our house.  There’s Ed leaning against the front window, holding his body just right for a signal.  My friends give up and call me on the landline.  There.  That’s better.  We yack until the battery dies.  Again.  A sign I need to get more stuff done.  An omen that the Planet is tired of all the signals bouncing around along it’s surface.  The tickle of technology.  Let me tickle you to death with my chatter.   sigh.

Which is what this blog entry is at this point.  Mindless chatter, aimless wandering.  I’ll think I’ll get back out in the sun for awhile.  Burn this crap off my mind.

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