"More will be revealed."

The Fruit or Mother gives pregnant daughter massage and feels baby kick!!

Wow!  So many emotions well up around this event!  I was giving my daughter a massage and came time to address her belly and baby bump.  It became a sacred act somehow.  Life coming into the world, through the life that sprang from my body not so very long ago.  A portal of sorts is opening.  I am giving sacred attention to my daughter and her unborn and THERE!  she leaps her little foot up into my hand!  I feel the quickening in my own body and blood.  Blood of my blood, she is…little Rosie.  Yes, we know her name already.  I sort of balked at knowing as I had waited to know my daughter’s sex and knew the second she pressed through my pelvis.  A girl!  I am glad to know, and plan.

I want to celebrate this important passage for my daughter.  She is leaving the maiden behind and becoming the mother.  I’ve celebrated my own croning already, a long slow letting go of the past and what I have built and done in the world.  Saying goodbye has been difficult.  I started late in my years, at age 36 to create a career for myself.  I put my whole self into what I loved, into massage and energy healing, into my development as a real human being.  It’s not easy to decide what to put myself toward now, except the next generations coming along behind me a few steps.  The years fly by, as you can see in your own life.   Let’s bless one another every moment.  Hold one another with respect and awe.  And not just our friends, either, but those we would call enemy.  Let our thoughts turn to them.  Peace doesn’t come through occupation, or from becoming the very thing you abhor.  It comes by letting our heart decide, not the mind that divides and judges.  “Try doing something with your heart today!”, I tell myself.  Somehow it works, until I slide back into proving something.

I have nothing left to prove.  I have only to BE.  

One response

  1. What a beautiful journey! Hello, little Rosie!!

    August 26, 2012 at 1:27 PM

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