"More will be revealed."

The New Moon and Eggs



Yesterday was a New Moon.  I could feel the stillness as I went about my day.  I gathered a few eggs and wandered around a lot, watching, observing, listening.  People may argue with me, but it feels like Fall to me.  The doggie days of summer are tipping over into the sigh of relief I feel at the peak of the season.  It’s a full harvest, and now the work of putting it up for later.  

During the New Moon I usually gaze ahead a couple of weeks, into the immediate future and what I wish to accomplish.  This is a long list.  Canning, starting fall plantings for next year, and all the steps in between.  It’s exciting to tick a few things off the list each day.  Then, there are days when other things interfere with my plans.  I might stall out a few days here and there.  I still see clients and teach a few select students.  Some need bodywork, others a conversation that helps them navigate a strong current in their life.  Most days I get to make something with my hands.  That is particularly satisfying now that I see the importance of this offering to the spirits of the land and river and even the great beings of the air that steer the air toward the trees.  The Creator at work in Its multiple forms.  I like a multitasking God Being.  The feminine aspect of The Creator, busy sweeping out the canyons, carving a new ledge in stone for some traveler to marvel at later down the ages.  Now and then I’ll hide a pot I made in a crevice, or bury in in adobe dirt.  Messages for curious minds of the future.  Perhaps they will wonder at the chicken statue I made and surmise a strange religion.  There will be a lot of chicken bones to dig up in local landfills all wrapped in sacred plastic bags.  “They worshipped dinosaurs with feathers!”  

The broody hen has just a few days to go before hatching her little family.  She seems to be listening to them, and gets pretty fluffy and bothered when you peek in on her.  She arranges them tenderly as she spreads her body around them again.  I am a proud grannie already!  

As my daughter’s body changes and she feels her own broodiness, we spend our time together differently than before.  Today we spoke again about her desire to home birth the baby.  I admire my daughter and her ideas and especially her courage and need to keep her child from becoming part of “the machine”.  I’m preparing to do all I can to support her vision.  I am a proud mother, too.  

May all Beings be well.  May all Beings be satisfied. 

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