"More will be revealed."

First Fire of the Season



It’s raining a cooling and soaking rain that washes the sages and trees into freshness.  The smell of sap is also in the air.  The downward turn of energies is upon us.  I love Autumn.  I lit the first fire in the stove today, complete with copal resin to send a message to the hillside and the rain clouds pressing against the mountain beyond.  I’m grateful for the changes in my life, even the dust of the objects and old ideas I am moving out of my life.  This is a time of going deeper within, closer to the fire, removing the excess in favor of simplicity, and order.  

Hail, Autumn.  Bless our passionate efforts with rest and a sigh of relief, and the grace of falling away from what is finished.  A deep seat and a cup of tea will be celebration enough.  

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