"More will be revealed."

Harvest Moon of 2012



As the Moon wanes away from fullness I find myself altered from the intensity of experiences throughout the summer season.  And, now, in the Falling of the year, I am becoming new.  New and formless, grounded in the rigor of change.  The idea of letting go of the side of the river and plunging in, letting go into the flow, letting go of expectation as completely as is possible for me at this time in my life.  I am going to be a grandmother, while inside myself there is still a child, sometimes teenager of 17, looking out from behind my blue eyes. Once in awhile I manage to enter the heart of who I truly am, amidst the chaos of my intellect.  This happens most often under the trees, in the woods, and beside the river.  I can be a stone in the sun if I want to be. or a human being complete with gathering storms of questions and pervasive disappointments.  This summer, in a lucid and willing moment, I discovered I see humans as alien beings in the world, most without awareness of the impact they are having not only on others in range of influence, but also not aware of the effect their thinking and behaving is having upon their own flesh.  In my practice of helping others, it is the AHA!  I hope for each time I work with someone.  I hold the vision for my own awakening, as well.  So many paths for each of us to follow, especially the ones we discover on our own.  

As I drive around the county I am struck by the current number of political signs.  There are hardly any where I am, and mostly are for the neo-conservative candidates. After watching Monday night football with my husband at a local bar and grill for the first time in nearly a decade, I can understand something about the mindset of many Americans who think electing a Mormon with money into the White House is a great idea.  And while I see that President Obama has accomplished much more than the neo-cons give him credit for, he is still a man with a mission that doesn’t quite match my own vision for the world.  I give him credit for making some strides under the circumstances, but when you sleep with dogs you usually come away with a fleas. 

Where are the leaders we need to help this country grow out of adolescence, I wonder? Where is all that American “Exceptionalism”?  I’m not so impressed with us, to be honest.  

As I face my grey haired self in the mirror each morning, I see the leader is actually me, and the many more women, and the men that love them, are out there that are looking like me, slightly rounder around the middle maybe. I just spend a fair amount of time, wrestling as it were, with the truth of myself while moving rocks or firewood or lugging water around in the hose to keep the trees and medicinals alive, and the dogs and chickens watered.  We are tending to the home fires and educating the next generations in the ways we pray will leave a suitable world behind.  I will make fewer trips to town so that there will be clean air to breathe after I am gone.  I hope you are doing the same thing.  Saving the planet by living with less.  It’s really pretty easy to do, if you set your intention to do it.  The new paradigm goes beyond recycling cans and bottles. It means living a life without much of what every CEO in this country wants you to buy.  Which brings me to the question: Why aren’t we building something instead of buying something??  Supply this!, demand that! mentalities are getting pretty out of vogue with anyone who cares what future lies ahead for children in the world.   

I picked peaches to can this year. The orchardist told me this story:  “Today I will drive this truck full of North Fork peaches to Palisade where they will magically become Palisade peaches.  They will load the peaches on semi truck to Denver, where at the re-distribution center they are tallied, bar coded. repackaged, then they board another semi truck back to Grand Junction, and then back into Delta county to be sold at Safeway and City Market”  We marvel at how our peaches had traveled nearly a thousand miles, yet were grown within 30 miles of where we live.  Insane, isn’t it?

So, while I make my way back to the Full Moon, the peak of Harvest, let me invoke the vision of a world that knows what balance looks like and achieves it on a regular basis.  I will harvest close to home and celebrate the farmers and teachers and ranchers, and store clerks, and nurses, and care givers and hail my community members with respect, and awe and gratitude when I encounter them.  Life and balance are about the WE-ness of it all, isn’t that true?  “Being the change” is quite easy and wonderful and is only a breathe away from the suffering I engage in when I listen to too much fear mongering.  Especially my OWN fear mongering.  I know you know what I am taking about.  

As the moon wanes and the tides shift and turn in our lives, let’s embrace our inner harvest of new awareness, along with the bounty of tomatoes and cucumbers, spuds and onions.  


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