"More will be revealed."

At home with Fire and Altar of Days Gone By

SAM_1450The neighbor has come and gone this morning, bringing with her the holiday plate of Christmas candies and banana nut bread that she brings every year.  She marveled over the baby and I did my best to keep the dogs from sniffing her fanny.  I like her, and she has a clean house, which, I do not.  A lot goes by the way when you have a new baby in the house, and three dogs, and a husband with a cold.  I am making sure everyone eats and is warm, and trying not to stir up dust with the vacuum cleaner.  Priorities.

Breakfast is ready, which consists of left overs warmed up, but will have to suffice until  I whirl into a cleaning frenzy later on.  Then there is the cookie baking and gift making that runs concurrently throughout the day.  No shortage of stuff that needs doing around here.  oh, and the laundry.  Always laundry with newborns especially when using cotton diapers instead of the landfill filling kind. At least this breast milk baby poop will end up feeding bacteria in the yard through the gray water.

Yes.  Life keeping.  That’s what we are up to today.

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