"More will be revealed."

Another Turn of the Year and Giving Gifts in the World

SAM_4123 Autumn here in the northern hemisphere. Making a fire in the morning now, and then later after dark. My favorite time of year. Remembering my people long dead.  Ancestors coming round for their due. I think they are pleased with me, mostly.  Maybe somewhat impatient, like I am, about current national affairs. Here I am facing my inner demons every day.  Taking them to lunch so they keep their mouths shut about my shortcomings, my lack of awareness, my blind places. They are not vegan.  They still like a meat and potato sort of feasting.  I can hear them noshing in my sleep.

Buried the old dog Mallory a week past. I performed ceremony, and danced the grief away under the light of the moon.  I can sleep through the night now,though I still hear her giving me gruff, needing in or out, wanting her blanket and a tuck in at night.  The other dogs miss her, too. Husband concurs. I know it’s left a hole in my daughter as Mallory was her dog and a sweet witness to the beginning of her adult life. I think back on all the animals that have come and gone in my life.  It is a great crowd, a clan of beasts, my kin.  Tonight they feel very near and close in to my heart.  Rest easy, sweet friends.  All are hallowed here.  Sweet dreams in the darkening year.

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